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Root canal treatment

During your biannual visits to the dental Clinic, your dentist performs a scaling in order to eliminate plaque and maintain the condition of your teeth. We can therefore detect problems related to tartar buildup and diseased teeth starting from the earliest stages of the disease–before pain appears–and treat them in order to keep your teeth healthy.


In order to treat a cavity at the least advanced stage, we apply a fluoride treatment to the tooth. If you’re experiencing pain, swelling, sensitivity to hot or cold while chewing, or even tooth discolouration (oral pathology signs), you should quickly set up an appointment with your dentist to treat the affected tooth. At Mon Dentiste, we remove the decayed portion of the tooth and put an amalgam in its place–either a composite or an inlay–in the goal of treating advanced dental cavities.


If the tooth is infected or inflamed, we generally perform a root canal treatment, the only alternative to removing the diseased tooth. The withdrawal of the root canal tissues we operate on is painless and allows us to preserve the tooth, which will no longer cause you any pain. When necessary, we also perform clinical crown lengthening procedures or implants.


In order to prevent oral diseases, we recommend controlling the intake of essential minerals in your diet, strictly following your dentist’s advice relating to hygiene, and regularly consulting your dentist.

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At the Clinic Mon dentist, we offer different financing options such as and Dentoplan. Come see us to discover the different solutions available to you.

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