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Digital X-ray

The large panoramic X-ray is recommended to be taken every 5 years. It is taken in a standing position and its cost is not covered by the cleaning exam. It gives an overall ideal of the teeth and facial bones. It allows to see joints, sinuses, the variation of bone level over time, the presence of diseases in the bone, the presence of wisdom teeth, certain caries, certain abscesses, etc. Its biggest limitations are its precision, even if it improves a lot with the technological advancements and the fact that it is in 2D. Given all the information it provides on the bones and the organs of the face, it is mandatory for orthodontic treatments and for several extractions. 


The visual clinical examination is not enough to check the condition of your teeth. Digital radiography can detect cavities in areas that are not easily visible to the naked eye, but also other diseases such as abscesses or cysts located under the roots or inside the gums. It shows the shape of the roots, the state of the jaw bone, and in the child, it allows to observe the position of the teeth. Other advantages of using these are: 

  • Reduced radiation exposure compared to traditional X-rays. .


  • Instant results, thus less waiting for the client.


  • Environmental protection through the elimination of toxic solutions from the conventional development process, for the chemical waste from the development of the films.


  • Reduce delays by emailing X-rays to insurance companies, dentists, and other health professionals. .


  • The computer reworked image, at the level of contrast and brightness, allows better control and often avoids having to re-take a less clear X-ray. These allow us to conserve the images taken in your computerized customer file. 

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