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Dental prosthesis

Mon Dentiste offers various solutions in the form of fixed dental prosthesis in cases where the tooth is not recoverable.


We can attach a crown when the tooth is no longer strong enough or if a bridge needs anchoring. We also attach bridges in order to fill missing teeth and fixed pivots in the root, which completely cover the exposed portion of the tooth. It is also possible to put in a butterfly bridge when a tooth is missing to avoid irritating the adjacent natural teeth. We can put in all types of bridges, such as pontics held together by two porcelain inlays, called California bridges, which have a great look and eliminate the greying effect on adjacent teeth. In case we have to treat an incisor or a canine, we prefer to use a custom-designed veneer that will allow you to preserve the look of the tooth. We can also put acrylic, metallic, or zirconium crowns on dental implants.


If you need a partial or complete removable prosthesis, Mon Dentiste provides complete denturology service. Come visit our denturist, who will carry out an examination of the missing teeth and give you some advice. Whether it’s a partial prosthesis with hooks or attachments or a complete prosthesis with impression taking, our specialist will prescribe the solution that precisely responds to your needs. In addition, trust us with your prostheses when they need an upgrade; we’ll make sure to give them a second life!

Financing available on site

At the Clinic Mon dentist, we offer different financing options such as and Dentoplan. Come see us to discover the different solutions available to you.

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