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APRF Technique

The concept of APRF is based on total blood centrifugation. At the end of centrifugation, a fibrin clot containing the platelets and a majority of the white cells is obtained. This fibrin clot called Platelet Riche Fibrin or APRF or Fibrine rich in platelets will gradually and constantly release growth factors or cytokines in the area.


The expected goal of these growth factors is to accelerate mucosal and bone healing. Numerous international publications are available and demonstrate the effectiveness of APRF in many indications: oral surgery (implantology, bone grafts, periodontal surgery, extractions, etc.), orthopedic surgery, aesthetics and dermatology. APRF is considered as a healing biomaterial synthesizing in a single membrane all the parameters necessary for optimal healing: a matrix of fibrine polymerized in tetramolecular architecture, the intrinsic incorporation of platelet and leukocyte cytokines into the fibrine mesh, platelets, leukocytes and also some circulating stem cells.


However, although the cytokines trapped in the APRF and released gradually allow the acceleration of all cellular phenomena, the fistrand matrix, coherent and structured, necessarily remains the key element of all scars potentiated by the APRF. This totally natural biomaterial actually seems to accelerate physiological healing phenomena.


  • Sinus fillings
  • Implantology
  • Bone grafts
  • Periodontology
  • Healing, Extraction

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