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At Mon Dentiste, we know how important the look of your teeth is. That’s why we treat all the little flaws in your teeth to give you back a dazzling smile.


We use traditional fixed orthodontic techniques in the form of brackets attached to the teeth, connected by arc-shaped wires, which are themselves held in place with elastic bands or metallic clamps. However, if your condition permits it, we can provide you with latest-generation treatments like the Invisalign technique, which allows us to correct both children’s and adults’ teeth without the need to wear a cumbersome dental device.


We also look after natural and totally undetectable colour fillings and, if necessary, we put in dental implants in order to replace missing teeth. When scaling isn’t enough to improve the colour of your teeth, we can book several whitening visits for you directly at our Clinic. We also offer a complete range of teeth whitening treatments that you can easily perform at home: these generally involve applying a heat-activated whitening solution or wearing a whitening tray for a predetermined amount of time.


Whatever the problem to be corrected and the chosen aesthetic dental technique is, the Mon Dentiste team will do everything possible to give you a bright smile!

Financing available on site

At the Clinic Mon dentist, we offer different financing options such as and Dentoplan. Come see us to discover the different solutions available to you.

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