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At Mon Dentiste, we offer you a complete range of solutions to help you rediscover your smile: bite plates, periodontal devices, braces, etc. We always choose the technique that is best suited for perfecting your teeth. We have different orthodontic techniques that will correct malocclusion and improve the alignment of your teeth.

Besides aesthetic appearance, we also strive to improve your speaking comfort while attaching the adequate braces. We have developed solutions that allow you to improve your breathing, your chewing, and your swallowing. Nothing is too good when it comes to helping you rediscover your smile, and we won’t hesitate to use the latest cutting-edge techniques to offer you fast and effective treatment. For example, we use the Invisalign treatment, which consists of attaching aligners that are custom-made for your teeth and partially invisible.


More practical than braces, which trap food, these aligners allow for traditional brushing that helps fight the appearance of plaque and cavities. We also install Damon self-ligating brackets, a new treatment technology that allows for the straightening and resetting of teeth in a few months while minimizing discomfort and visits to the dentist.


Whatever your chosen solution for correcting your teeth, we will help you rediscover a radiant smile as soon as possible while looking after your comfort!

Financing available on site

At the Clinic Mon dentist, we offer different financing options such as and Dentoplan. Come see us to discover the different solutions available to you.

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A new and better solution: the Spark™ orthodontic technology

At Mon Dentiste, we offer the option of Spark™ orthodontic technology: an invisible tray system that treats many orthodontic cases and is increasingly emerging as a credible alternative to other traditional tray brands.


Whether it's from a comfort, aesthetic, treatment time, or end results perspective, using Spark™ technology looks far superior to other competitors. The aligners are thinner, more flexible, lighter and therefore easier to wear on a daily basis. And the results are faster to achieve than a traditional orthodontic treatment! Make an appointment now for orthodontic treatment in Lasalle!

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