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Do you have a dental emergency in Montreal and wish to be taken care of immediately? At Mon Dentiste Lasalle, we accommodate you within the next 24 hours to relieve you of your pain as fast as possible and to avoid potential complications. Here is some information to take into account.

Have a dental emergency in Montreal? Don’t waste time!

Several problems can lead to the need of a dental emergency consultation. It is absolutely normal in these cases to be rapidly taken care of to relieve the pain.


At Mon Dentiste Lasalle, we are very familiar with the emergency situations that are worrying. This is why we give all our effort to take you in emergency consultation by our team of professionals at the Lasalle Dental Center. We listen to you in order to understand your needs and relieve you from the pain as fast as possible.


If you have one of the following problems, it is vital that you book an appointment for a dental emergency:

  • Strong or sharp pain in one or several teeth
  • A tooth broken suddenly
  • One or several teeth have fallen after an injury
  • Swelling or a painful cyst that does not heal
  • Strong tooth pain that wakes you up at night

In order to avoid complications and enable you to get your normal live back, an emergency dental consultation is vital for treating your symptoms.

Financing available on site

At the Clinic Mon dentist, we offer different financing options such as and Dentoplan. Come see us to discover the different solutions available to you.

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A quick and reliable Dental emergency service in Verdun in the greater Montreal

The team of Mon Dentiste Lasalle receives you as quickly as possible to relieve you from your pain, correct an urgent problem or treat your symptoms. Our team offers you extended tune slots that will allow you to better adapt to your personal and familial schedule.


During this appointment, a detailed oral exam will be carried out in order to identify your symptom in a precise manner. Our experienced dentists are at your service to make the best diagnosis possible. If the situation permits it, we will carry out your dental care the same day as your appointment.


In certain cases, it will not be possible to directly treat you, notably in cases of swelling or a more important treatment. A temporary treatment will thus be proposed to you and we will then arrange for another appointment as soon as possible.


Get an appointment for a dental emergency in Montreal in less than 24 hours!


To set up an appointment for a dental emergency, all you have to do is select you availabilities in our appointment booking form. Thanks to our system, we will contact you as fast as possible to set up an emergency appointment in less than 24h. And if we cannot accommodate you the same day, we guarantee you an appointment the next day.

How to book an appointment for a dental emergency in Verdun

Thanks to our dental emergency system and the availability of our experienced dentists, you can book an appointment very easily:

  • By telephone by calling us at 514-364-6458
  • Online, with our dedicated appointment booking form. We will contact you within 24 hours to set up your appointment as soon as possible.

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