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To welcome you in the best conditions and reduce the risks related to COVID-19, Mon Dentiste Lasalle uses air disinfection devices; our disinfecting UV lamps are designed to disinfect the air in both waiting and treatment rooms of the clinic, guaranteeing that our dentist can continue to provide dental treatments throughout the day.


UV radiation is a very effective disinfectant, which helps to clean the air in a room. The risk of catching the COVID-19 virus is thus greatly reduced, which allows our dentists to welcome you in the best conditions.


Mon Dentiste Lasalle has been following all sanitary measures and deploys the necessary equipment to protect you from the risks related to COVID-19. You need an orthodontic treatment, a dental examination or cleaning, or new dental prosthesis? Make an appointment now with Mon Dentiste Dental Clinic!

7199 Boulevard Newman,
Lasalle, H8N 2K3

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