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Myofunctional therapy

Myofunctional therapy, what is it?

Myofunctional therapy is an effective and natural therapeutic method, used in a preventive setting in both adults and children. Since the tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body and is poorly positioned, its effects can be potentially harmful during growth, and even in adulthood, on breathing, posture,  and the positioning of teeth.


Knowing that almost half of school-aged children have swallowing problems, it is possible to simply correct the position of the tongue at rest, the tone of the tongue and facial muscles. This allows us to improve nasal breathing, swallowing, sleep, preventing snoring, preventing dry mouth, and even improve behavior in children.

Who is myofunctional therapy recommended for?

It is a recommended treatment in the presence of problems such as mouth breathing, atypical swallowing (swallowing by placing the tongue against the teeth, rather than the palate), the incorrect position of the tongue at rest, lack of tone of the tongue and facial muscles.


The consequences of these problems can lead to muscle pain in the head, temples, neck and joint, teeth grinding and tooth malposition (orthodontics). In adults, good nasal breathing is essential. Breathing in the mouth causes a dry mouth (xerostomia). As the mouth is no longer protected by saliva, xerostomia can lead to gum disease (periodontitis), tooth decay, asthma and can even lead to sleep apnea.

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An 8 year-old boy, 8 months after 8 appointments!

What do we recommend for myofunctional therapy?

The success of myofunctional therapy depends entirely on the understanding of the forces at play which establishes the collaboration of the client and his attendance at his training and follow-up appointments at the clinic as well as the regular performance of his exercises at the clinic. the House. With a simple method and diligent exercises, the development of the child will be greatly favored. The recommended method is a series of exercises that will be explained to both adults and children by our qualified professionals. It will be taught at the Clinic, then it will be performed at home on a constant and repetitive basis. The results will then be checked and closely adjusted by our team to ensure the success of the treatment.


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