Dental examination and cleaning in Lasalle

For children and adults, it is essential to regularly check the condition of your teeth to avoid future complications. In order to maintain good oral health, oral health professionals recommend performing a dental examination and cleaning at least once a year. At Mon Dentiste Lasalle, our experienced dentists take care of you and assist you in diagnosing, cleaning and treating your teeth.


How is the dental examination done at Mon Dentiste Lasalle

When we do a dental examination, the job of dentists in Lasalle is to examine your teeth, gums, the tongue, the inside of your cheeks as well as your teeth canops, if necessary. This is to identify abnormalities that require dental treatment: infections, caries or even periodontal disease.

The dental examination also includes the taking of X-rays, the detection of possible diseases and also the explanation of the treatment. If it’s happened; we will propose a dental treatment adapted to your problem. Whether caries repair, root canal treatment, dental prosthesis or dental cleaning, Mon Dentiste Lasalle will take care of the health of your mouth.


Complete dental cleaning for good oral hygiene

Dental cleaning is the best prevention against oral diseases and the health problems that result. Practiced for many years by our best dentists, dental cleaning removes and cleans dental plaque on your teeth and gums. As for descaling, it removes calcified deposits in your mouth.

Our team of Lasalle dentists use the most advanced technologies for your dental cleaning. After this cleaning, we will provide you with hygiene instructions to maintain optimal dental health.

Make an appointment now at our Lasalle Clinic for your examination and dental cleaning. This is the first step for perfect dental hygiene!

Financing available on site

At the Clinic Mon dentist, we offer different financing options such as and Dentoplan. Come see us to discover the different solutions available to you.


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