Functionality and chewing

Bite plates, periodontal appliances, orthodontic services (braces), etc. Our Clinic offers you orthodontic services or bite plates and advises you on the treatment best suited to your situation in order to help you regain adequate mandibular function and proper chewing. We also offer treatments to stop snoring and help reduce sleep apnea, which will let you find a feeling of rest and well-being again, no matter what your condition.

Gums and bones

We treat periodontal diseases with the aid of different techniques, according to your needs: treatments for infection, gingivoplasty, gingivectomy, periodontal surgery, regeneration of bone tissue, implants or gingival grafts (both autogenous and allogeneic), etc. Furthermore, we recommend a preventative maintenance plan designed for your oral health in order to help you avoid periodontal diseases and keep your gums healthy. Our hygienist will be please to help you prevent and control periodontal diseases.


During regular check-ups, your dentist can detect problems such as tartar buildup and cavities as early as possible, and can therefore provide the necessary care on time: amalgams, composites, root canals, crown-lengthening procedures, or implants. Furthermore, during your check-ups, your hygienist will perform a complete scaling and make sure to give you advice relating to hygiene so that you can perform rigorous dental maintenance every day.

Cosmetic dentistry

Mon Dentiste also takes command of the aesthetic appearance of your teeth and the transformation of your smile. We use invisible orthodontic techniques and fixed orthodontics, fillings, implants, and teeth whitening techniques at our office. We also offer you treatments that can be performed at home, such as teeth whitening with gel. Whatever the necessary treatment is, our team will give you back a radiant smile.

Dental prosthesis (Prosthodontics)

When it’s impossible to save the tooth, Mon Dentiste can offer you numerous types of fixed dental prostheses (crowns or veneers) or conventional bridges, butterfly bridges, California bridges, and Maryland bridges. We can also fit acrylic, metallic, and zirconium crowns on implants.
Do you have spaces to fill in your mouth, or are your prostheses in need of an upgrade? Whether you need partial or complete prostheses, Mon Dentiste offers you on-site denturology service. Our denturist begins with a detailed examination of your needs relating to removable prostheses and offers you the treatment you need.

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